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To bring out the good in all we serve!
To empower the poor, and ‘people living with disabilities’ sustainably through work and business. Not just for the day!

Recycle clothes/goods to create maximum value for as many people as possible!
C2CX specific mission is to recycle clothes/goods to create a ‘do good fund’ for organisations, create inclusive jobs, create micro-businesses, care for our environment and offer the end consumers high quality, low priced used clothes/goods.
Life Link 24/7 Cares specific mission is to create and sustain social enterprise ecosystems to realise the vision.

‘9 universal human values’ adopted by both organistations:

  1. Patience
    In communication and actions
  2. Commitment to excellence
    Leaving our ego at the door. Delivering value at all times.
  3. Forgiveness
    Forgiveness isn’t approving what happened. It’s choosing to rise above it
  4. Truth - Non-negotiable.
    Listen to your inner conscience!
  5. Righteous conduct
    Be mindful of our intent. Best practice is to discuss this with all the stakeholders to ensure that the intention will be accepted by all affected by your action.
  6. Love
    See people without judgement and as equals
  7. Peace
    If you master the above, surely you will attain inner peace and offer this to people you interact with. You need to constantly strive for this.
    To maintain peace you need to practice…
  8. Non-violence
    To all living things and the environment
  9. Service
    Service to all who need it.  One way of service is just doing your job well.

LL24/7 has 3 Goals:

  • Recycle:
    To ensure that the unusable C2CX clothing is repaired and reused in repair workshops set up at partner non-profit organisations, that can extract as much value from the repaired clothing as possible.
  • Reward:
    Support of C2CX programmes with participating organisations (i.e. schools, companies, religious groups, community groups, donors and NPO).
  • Empower:
    LL24/7 is responsible for ensuring that the participants who are attracted to our social entrepreneurship ecosystem, enhance the system as a whole. Some activities include:
    1. The micro-businesses who buy the C2CX clothing, fit the criteria of being disadvantaged and needing an income, are parents or family of those who have disabilities and therefore cannot work to provide support, and those who are dependents on a community centre or NPO.
    2. NPO’s requiring an exit strategy for its dependents. LL24/7 aids NPO’s in identifying which of its dependents can use their skills to repair and resell clothing to uplift them. In this way, they are moved off the NPO dependency list, making room for someone else in need.
    3. The partner organisations and suppliers, share common values and an aim to create work and small business, to move our country forward collaboratively.

LL24/7 supports and sustains social entrepreneurship through the HP Life eLearning business skills training and other partnerships. We run this training at our facilities and at our partner NPO’s where there are clothing repair workshops. The aim of this training, is to help the budding micro-businesses who buy wholesale clothing from C2CX, to learn the basics of running a business.
LL24/7 is responsible for reporting on the impact of the ‘Clothes to Good’ programme on individuals, households and communities, and research improvements to the value cycle for great social impact.



on 12 August 2013